Katy Rea’s debut album The Urge that Saves You is streaming everywhere.
She is currently working on her next release.
She is an audio engineer and studio owner - dying is done.

live shows 
9.23 Deepspace, Jersey City 
10.23 Purgatory, Brooklyn
11.8 Petshop, Jersey City


“Rea lets us into her deepest musings on love innocence and lots more of the big questions, but does so with a gusto that reveals a true songwiting bravery.” Beats Per Minute 

“With ‘Happiness’ Rea hits all the right notes, balancing between subtle snaking hooks, gorgeously lush production, and intimate confessional songwriting.”  Under the Radar

“For Rea, the future might just be thrilling.” 
For the Rabbits 

 contact

mgmt: shannon@adultdecisionsmgmt.com
booking/personal: ktrrea@gmail.com